E4 Network: Patient Participation Group (PPG)




Primary Care Networks (PCNs) support groups of practices to come together locally, in partnership with community services, social care, mental health and other providers of health and social care including the voluntary sector.

The E4 Network (PCN) consists of 5 Chingford GP Practices with a combined patient population of over 52,000, these being:

  • Chingford Medical Practice
  • Churchill Medical Centre
  • Handsworth Medical Practice
  • The Old Church Surgery
  • The Ridgeway Surgery

PCNs will be critically important to the development of primary care services over the next few years, and it is therefore essential that our patient representatives are fully engaged and have a voice in our development in the form of a Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Being part of the E4 Network PPG will provide opportunity:

  • For patients and the PCN to meet and discuss constructive suggestions for developing and improving the services that could affect the wider practice population
  • To support Health Awareness
  • To engage with local communities to ensure the PPG is truly reflective of our population
  • Develop a PPG Newsletter

If you feel that you or members of your practice PPG would also like to have a voice within the E4 Network PPG, can you please contact us via the E4 Network website

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